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Welding specialist

Weld Like a rObot.

By Zeno Schwebel and Owen Dray



The purpose of this project is to characterize welder skill based on the consistency of their motion. When MIG welding, typically the welder uses some type of cyclic motion in addition to the forward progression in the direction of the weld [Cup].  To have a quality weld it is critical the welder moves consistently. By looking at the variation in speed of the welding gun we can estimate how experienced the welder is. 


Consistency of the weld joint is important as any deviation from the ideal parameters of torch height, travel speed, torch angle, ect, reduces the quality of the weld.  The move towards robotic welding in industry is occurring in large part due to the consistency of robots over human operators [NvarTech].


Our project creates value by identifying the experience of the welder and helping them improve. It provides a visual explanation of what good vs bad welding motion looks like. Welding is used in countless industries throughout the world and is a critical part of nearly all manufacturing [Plaza]. The tool could also be used in developing countries where robotic welding is not available to help the welders achieve similar levels of consistency.

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